Choir, Maths and Waiting for Holidays

Today was a very fun day, for an ordinary school day. My extension maths class finished our geometry unit a couple of days early, so we did a test for the IT department. We used the laptops and took them from room to room to check the wi-fi. We were using videos that needed the wi-fi to check, and were supposed to be watching a mathematical video on the origins of the number 1. However, half the class was watching Donald Duck cartoons. Our teacher really didn’t care; I assume he was just waiting for the holidays as much as the rest of us.

After school, I went to a workshop with the Australian Girls Choir with my friends from chorale and some older girls from various other singing groups. We learnt a heap of fun songs, but we also had some super dance classes. In one, we did Michael Jackson moves to the Heads Will Roll/Thriller by Glee. Then, we did a huge, ridiculously cool dance to a mash-up of Crazy Frog, Vanilla Ice, and several others. We laughed and sang and did a small performance at the end for parents. I met several girls and had heaps of fun. The girls from AGC had amazing voices!

AGC Performance

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Ice-cream Cakes, Pyjamas and Debates

Wow! Finally, the rush of the week is over. It all started on Monday.
We started Grade 6 work in ballet, which is very hard and takes concentration and lots of practise. On Tuesday, I had to make a cake for Home Ec, icing for my Create A Country (CCTY) project, cut out snowflakes for my poster and I wasn’t going to get home until eight o’ clock. This is because I had dancing, which goes until 6, and then a debate until 7:45. Dancing was fun as none of the music was working, so we just lay on the floor and did muscle strengthing exercises. The muscle we stretched the most was our tongue. I found out heaps of anecdotes of my two teachers as children, names of babies (?) and peers of the people in my dance class. After that, there was the usual rush of getting changed out of my ballet stuff and into my school uniform and blazer and then rushing from dancing to debating, in 15 minutes. Our team was ok, though we lost. The topic was animal testing should be banned, and we were in the affirmative.

Me Giving my Speech

When I got home, I watched TV and did homework before settling down with my Mum to watch Winners & Losers. I kept hinting about this cake I needed to get done. You’re probably thinking;
“But if it was for Home. Ec, why do you need to do it at home? Isn’t the whole idea to cook in the class?” The answer is that I don’t eat ‘normal’ sugar, it gives me headaches. I use another product called Dextrose. Just to clarify, Dextrose is sugar, only it is healthier and not as sweet. I brought in my Dextrose so I could make my cake and actually be able to eat it. The problem with Dextrose products is that they need to be cooked on a lower temperature for  longer. Given that we work in pairs and have only one oven, obviously this wasn’t going to happen, so when I went to turn the cake out, in collapsed. Back to the story. So eventually, Mum decides to get it done. We made a very basic vanilla cake.
The other thing I needed to get done was my Raspberry and Rosewater ice-cream, but the bowl for the ice-cream machine had been taken out of the freezer and had to freeze before it could be used.
Today we decorated our cakes and did our CCTY presentations, which we all did in our PJ’s, as it was pyjama day at school.

My CCTY Presentation

We do it every year to raise funds for PMH. I am so relieved to be able to relax, but not for long. On Monday, we start concert work in dance. This means later and more rehearsals. Still I love it and can’t wait. Oh, and I passed my dance exam with Commended, which was pretty good considering that my pointe shoe came undone and I used the wrong leg in the Adage.

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Music Magic

In my last post, I mentioned how I am in the orchestra. Well, my school does a string concert every term, with some ensembles, orchestras and soloists. On Wednesday, we had our concert for term 2. The younger students did a performance first, and then two soloists, cello and violin, which was very cute. After that the ensemble performed, followed by a viola solo. After that solo, MissT, who leads the senior strings orchestra, stood up to do her violin solo. It was absolutely breath-taking. She did a very fast song with a lot of fast fingering, dancing around in time to the music. The audience was silent, and remained so while the other 1st violinist did her solo. From the first to the last note, she had her eyes closed. She smiled after every stanza, swaying slightly and using facial expressions. It was like the music was her drug almost, like it filled her, like she was addicted to it. Neither had sheet music. It was amazing.

Strings Orchestra



Today, I finally had a lunch time when I didn’t have any meetings on. My friends and I sat on the grass and gossiped.
When I got home, King X wanted to go next door to see their two new puppies, Daisy and Daffney. They are gorgeous, tiny, King Charles

Cavalier cross Poodle. They have two very playful, energetic “masters,” Miss i and Gen, who are four and six. King X marched up to the door, knocked and then ran inside as soon as the door was opened, saying “Let’s see the puppies!” However, all he was really interested in was their trampoline. Keep posted to find out how my dance exams go on Sunday!

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A Very, Very Boring Week

As the title suggests, I haven’t been up to much this week. On Monday, my grandparents and their friend came to my house for lunch and to watch the WAFL Foundation day derby. Lunch consisted of roast pumpkin soup and home-made hamburgers. It was delicious.
After lunch, we donned blue-and-white scarves and hats, and then went to the East Fremantle football oval. Miss e, Nana and I took a fold out chair, but Pop and his friend said that they wouldn’t need one. Within the first quarter they were complaining and offering Miss e money to have her chair. Nana and I laughed at them.
“Typical men! You can’t be bothered walking back the half a k’ or so to get a chair, but you are willing to pay us to give one to you!”
Eventually, they made us go home and get them a chair! Sir R didn’t act like he understood the game. Whenever someone cheered, he looked around and asked what happened. Eventually, I got a little bit sarcastic.
Comments like “You see Sir R, when the ball goes through those two big sticks? That’s called a goal,” and ” The people wearing the blue shirts? That’s who we’re going for,” got me some evil glares.
“Pop! Hey, Pop, she’s pickin’ on me,” he complained to my grandfather. Pop was so intrigued in the game that all he said was “Good, you probably deserve it”. Sir R sulked.

On Tuesday, school started again. I am in the school orchestra, and it was most certainly not pleasant waking up ad 6:00 A.M. so that I could be at school by 7. It was wet, cold and windy, but orchestra is always worth it.

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Pirates, Prolix and Posing

Today I visited Miss E’s school for the grand opening of her school’s music rooms. She was very excited (and a little nervous) at playing a violin solo in front of “The Government.” However, at the beginning of her assembly, a student stood up to read a letter of apology from the federal government saying that regrettably, they would not be able to make it. Apparently, the teachers had hinted about a “letter” before the assembly, but  couldn’t say what it was about. Hmm. KingX was very fidgety and noisy, so I had to take him onto the playground. There is a spider net (pyramid of rope) that goes higher than the roof of my house. KingX climbed halfway up it, by himself. It was very  scary.

Afterwards, mum and I went to pick up my friend Thumb twiddler and drop us in Freo for a movie and lunch with friends. Craskle, Cleeger, AA and AA’s friend met us at the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It was great, and we ordered one giant bucket of popcorn and individual drinks. The lady at the counter took a break after dealing with us. The movie was great; we had a few laughs and a few shrieks. Afterwards, there was a lot of debating about where we should eat. In the end, we went to the food court, which was our original plan. We all ordered Japanese and had lots of fun trying to use chopsticks. They also ended up as our lunch time entertainment, as we were trying to figure out how long it would take to break one: it ended as a possible WWIII.

When I had finally finished eating, with a lot of glares from Thumb twiddler and her entourage for being so slow, we set off to the Freo markets. We walked around a bit, looking for a birthday present for Cleeger’s 14-year-old brother. Cleeger said she was willing to spend ten dollars on him. That left lavender soap and plastic alphabet puzzles. Not really suitable, so we went into a Bits and Bobs shop, which only sold cute sparkly owls and calendars saying “Yes, I’m A B****.  So What?”  Much better! I bought a box of cards called Really Really Big Words  Trivia Puzzle, and spent the rest of the day quizzing my friends on the words  (such as pusillanimous and mellifluous). I think I lost a few friends that day.

Thumb twiddler and I were very bored after two minutes of watching our friends apply lipstick and eye shadow in Myer, so we went upstairs and set a challenge. In ten minutes, put together an outfit that was the most opposite to what the other  person would normally wear. I made Thumb twiddler try on a strapless, pink,  boob tube mini dress. She made me wear a grey dress with capped sleeves and a  fluorescent purple scarf. In a way, I was flattered. Our friends were still downstairs, this time in the LINGERIE department!!! She and I tried  to be civilized and make a plan, but we were practically running out the door.  We went into Diva and bought Thumb twiddler a very cool, vintage necklace with  a gold merry-go-round charm on it. According to the plan, we went back to Myer  to meet our friends. We couldn’t find them, so Thumb twiddler tried to call  Cleeger. As she was calling, we heard Cleeger’s phone ring. They were sitting  in the shoe department, all made-up with lippy and sparkles. Afterwards, Thumb twiddler came to my house and helped write this blog. ILY!

P.S. Prolix means tiresomely wordy. Hehe.

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Excitement In The Ranks

I am a pre-teen, and as I’m sure you all know, sometimes we need to be heard. So I am writing this so all you random strangers out there can hear me.
I take part in inter-school debating and we had our debate last night. The topic was that it should be compulsory for all school students to learn a foreign language until the end of highschool. I was on the affirmative team, and we won. Later, in the car, Mum said she was glad we won, because if we hadn’t… Our opposition was mumbling the whole time, and their first speaker forgot all her points. The third speaker was so poorly prepared that Mum actually started writing her own points!
My dance school released the main parts in our end-of-year production (Peter Pan) yesterday. I am Wendy. My sister, Miss e, is the Indian Chief. She was so excited because she was finally old enough to have a main part this year, but when the newsletter was released, she wasn’t on it. On the verge of tears, Mum tried to comfort her. The very next e-mail Mum opened was an apology from our teacher saying she forgot to put Miss e on there! Miss e excitedly, and very quickly, yelled the news at me before I had even gotten in the car on the way back from school. She loves dancing and is already talking about the part to all her friends. We haven’t even had our dance exams yet.
It is the first day of winter, and the world finally seems to have got the memo that it isn’t Summer. It was pouring with rain this morning and the computer lab in our school was flooded (yikes!). We missed out on ten minutes of maths because we weren’t allowed to walk outside in the rain, much to the delight of my fellow classmates.
I have just come back from a trip to Rottnest Island, with a family camp at my sisters school. The weather was beautiful and sunny, and KingX had a ball. He found the quokkas and called them “little kittens” and mewed at them, trying to start a conversation. I went with MissyHiggins, and we mucked around taking photos and playing board games, such as Scrabble and Articulate.
School is like a zoo sometimes, and I don’t mean it is messy. The students are like animals. You can get the preened peacocks and the shy pandas and the noisy birds and the cheeky monkeys. For example, sitting in class right now. I can see some girls who are zooming around on the wheely chairs and making opinions about people’s work. Others are singing to YouTube (Justin Beiber…urgh!) and dancing in their seats. Some put their hands up every few seconds so the teacher can come and help them with everything…literally!
I don’t know which category I fall into. Keep reading further posts and see for yourself!

MissyHiggin’s and My version of Scrabble

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